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A genealogy phone application, originates from Rwanda, the word 'IGITI' meaning a tree, and the English word 'TREE' merged together to form 'igiTREE'.

Family Tree

Family Tree;
Individuals will create / build family trees, browse family branches, and see portraits

Ancestral (DNA) Trace / Match

Here igiTREE app, will give you an opportunity to trace your ancestors by providing you
with a DNA t


A platform that will help us reconnect with long lost family and friends, by uploading old

Contact / Chat

Family and friends will be able to add each other and chat, family groups will be created,
family fu


Each person will be able to create profiles and build them with pictures and records for other

IGITREE Description

World’s Resource For Online Family History & Genealogy, Build Family Tree, Re-connect With Family Members And Make The Family History Live Forever.
Share Family Stories With Your Children At Bedtime Or At A Vacation. Use Your Free Time To Learn A Few New Things About Your Family, As Your Other Relatives, Grow The Records And Tree Information. Take The IgiTREE App To Family Reunions, Or Events, And Capture Record Stories You Have Never Heard Before, Collect From Parents And Grandparents, Information About Their Lives And What They Remember About Their Deceased Relatives.

Watch How Stories Of Your Ancestors’ Hardships, Endurance And Faith Help You Become A Better Person.
Find Your Long-lost Ancestors By Providing Your DNA, And Build Your Family Tree

IGITREE Screenshots

As more people around the world begin to rely on their smartphones for all aspects of their lives, we IGITREE we give you a Lineage platform from Rwanda, world’s free genealogy, ancestry and family tree creator, research phone Application / website, helping you find your ancestors, discover your family members, their careers and titles history… here you connect the past with the present.

DOWNLOAD igitree

Download igiTree app to connect people according to their ancestral back grounds and trace through DNA, genealogy and genetics that has become interconnected. By putting in a father’s origin, and town he was born in and year, you can be able to locate many more that lived their then.

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